Why Mom Wants Amethyst

Choose Amethyst Jewelry As The Unique Mothers Day Gift

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the pressure to find the perfect gift for the most deserving woman in your life can get intense. While flowers and a card are sure to be appreciated by mother’s everywhere, purchasing a lovely amethyst ring, necklace, or pair of earrings is certain to create an outstanding gesture of how much you really love and care about her. Our stunning amethyst here at Sami Fine Jewelry is mined directly from the Four Peaks Mountains, making our pieces the most unique and distinctive gifts around. Read on to discover the many reasons why Mom will treasure amethyst jewelry as a precious and admired gift this Mother’s Day!

Find The Best Quality From Arizona Amethyst

Any and all of the women in your life will be sure to appreciate and adore amethyst for its gorgeous, unique, and vibrant purple color. It is the most popular violet gemstone and is known for its ability to stand out on any skin tone, out and give a pop of color to any outfit. Did you know that amethyst is actually a form of quartz? It obtains its signature color from iron, that became trapped within the crystal as the gem formed, creating a rich purple hue. Many amethysts naturally exhibit a weaker purple color which generally lowers the value of the stone. Several jewelry stores heat pale amethyst to achieve a deeper and more desired color, however, this method must be done with caution, as too much heat can easily damage the stone or cause it to turn yellow. Amethyst collected from the Four Peaks mine is extremely rare due to it’s hard to reach location. There are fewer quantities of Arizona Amethyst available compared to other sites around the world, because all of the amethyst discovered in the Four Peaks is hand-mined, and each stone is handled with special care by the select group of miners working in the area. Sami Fine Jewelry is offered first choice of all the amethyst mined at the Four Peaks Mountains, making our collection the most rare and valuable in all the U.S..

Meaning and Benefits Of Amazon Amethyst

Amethyst is also said to deliver healing, relaxation, and love to the soul. Mom will adore amethyst for the peace and tranquility that surrounds her while she wears the precious gemstone, especially if she finds herself in stressful situations. The gem is seen as an “internal peace-maker” by many who practice meditation, with the belief that the gemstone will allow them to usher their minds towards a deeper understanding of themselves and their surroundings. Additionally, amethyst meditation is believed to draw positive energies towards the body while extracting negative ones and also allows the meditator to become more at peace with the struggles occurring in his or her life.

Those who wear amethyst are said to receive powers of intelligence, creativity, and focus. In fact, the stone is commonly placed in work related areas to increase these qualities and increase productivity. With all of the important and stressful tasks Mom completes, whether it be running a business, or just running errands, amethyst will dispense the focus and inspiration she needs to complete all of the time-consuming duties on her list. Lady bosses need this gemstone!  

It has also been said that amethyst gives protection and safety to those who wear it. Many years ago, travelers would carry the gemstone along with them on long journeys to protect and defend themselves from unforeseen attacks and dangers along the way. Today, amethyst continues to be placed inside of homes, purses, and even vehicles with the belief that it will provide safety for family members or specific individuals. While we can’t guarantee that amethyst will provide safety from all danger, we can easily say that buying a gift of amethyst jewelry will protect you from the wrath of an angry mom!

Find The Perfect Mothers Day Gift At Sami Fine Jewelry

Here at Sami’s, our skillful jewelers have created custom pieces that Mom will absolutely love! Our vast variety of amethyst jewelry features a diverse selection of sizes, metal colors, and styles that are sure to catch your eye. From its royal color to elegant appearance, we’re certain that amethyst is a perfect Mothers Day gift your mother will positively obsess over, making this Mother’s Day the most memorable of all.