About Sami's

Voted One of America’s Top 5 Cool Jewelry Stores!

Sami Fine Jewelry
Sami Fine Jewelry has been in Fountain Hills, Arizona since 1987.  Home to many unique one of kind jewelry designs, Sami’s is know for their style. If your looking for something that will set you apart, you are sure to find it at Sami’s.

Specializing in custom designs, Sami’s uses exotic gems and diamonds from all over the world. Unlike any other jewelry store, Sami’s always offers something different.  As of now, we are the only jewelry store in the United States that has an American mined gemstone and jewelry gallery.  All of the American Gem collection jewelry pieces are created as a one of a kind design and are hand crafted with only gemstones that are mined in the USA.
Located in Fountain Hills, Arizona Sami Fine Jewelry has over 3500 square feet of the most beautiful jewelry in the world.