Amethyst Grading System

Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful Amethyst in the world.  It is important to educate yourself about Amethyst and decide what color and quality suites you.  When purchasing Arizona Amethyst, you will have three different qualities to choose from.  Superior, Prime, and Budget.  

Superior Grade Arizona Amethyst

Superior Grade

Less than 10% of all Arizona Amethyst mined is considered Superior grade.  The Superior grade Arizona Amethyst is deemed “world class” in color. The color is a deep royal purple with a unique magenta flash. Finding Four Peaks Amethyst that is over 3 carats in size and Superior Grade is difficult. Sami’s gets first choice of all Amethyst that is mined at the Four Peaks mine (which is usually only one time per year). We purchase ALL of the Superior Grade amethyst that is available. All of the Superior Grade Amethyst is evaluated by our store owner and graduate gemologist before it is set into Sami jewelry. Considered the best amethyst you can own, its color competes with the most premium high-end amethyst in the world (Siberian). Superior grade is cut by a master cutter and has no inclusions or imperfections when evaluated under 10x magnification. Since there is a very limited quantity of Superior Grade Arizona Amethyst, we only use this quality for our designer pieces that are crafted in gold or platinum.

Prime Grade Arizona Amethyst

Prime Grade

25% of all Arizona Amethyst mined is Prime grade.  The Prime grade Arizona Amethyst can range in color from a grape to an orchid purple. Not everyone desires the dark rich purple of Superior grade, so in many cases people ask for Prime grade. Some stones might showcase minimal zoning, or areas of lighter and darker color, (which is typical of the Four Peaks locale). The Arizona Amethyst Prime grade is rich in color and more beautiful and vibrant than most amethyst on today’s market. All Prime grade Four Peaks Amethyst is cut by a master gem cutter and the stone is eye clean.  Every Prime grade stone is hand selected by the owner and evaluated by Sami’s gemologist.

Budget Grade

65% of all Arizona Amethyst mined is Budget grade.  This grade does not run consistently in color. Some stones can be quite dark, and others can be a light translucent purple. Most stones are eye clean, but stones vary, and some may show large amounts of zoning. Stones may vary in millimeter sizes, girdle thickness, and stone depths. The Budget grade is the perfect choice if you are cost conscious and still want a piece of Arizona Amethyst or you are purchasing a gift for a loved one.  

Budget GradeNote:  Sami Fine Jewelry and do not sell the budget grade quality of the Four Peaks amethyst. We believe in selling the most beautiful American gemstones that Arizona offers, even if there is a limited quantity available.