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Earrings are the perfect jewelry box staple. You can wear them every day to complete any look! With Arizona Amethyst sterling silver earrings, you can find the perfect pair to suit your style, all at an amazing price and high quality. Amethyst is a gemstone that has been cherished for centuries, and has been worn by royalty. Arizona Amethyst is among the highest quality in the world, and is prized by collectors and jewelry lovers alike. Browse our collection of rhodium plated sterling silver earrings and fall in love with this stunning gemstone.

A Trusted Online Source For Amethyst Jewelry

For over 30 years, Sami Fine Jewelry has been the number one source for the finest quality Arizona Amethyst! The Founder, Sami Jack, established a strong business relationship with the owner of the Four Peaks mine, and ever since, her store has gotten first choice of all the amethyst that comes down from the mine. Sami Fine Jewelry purchases all of the Superior Quality Four Peaks Amethyst that is available, and a large quantity of Prime Grade Amethyst, so you know you are only getting the best! Arizona Amethyst is ethically mined, and expertly cut by some of the best trained gemstone cutters in the industry, so you should feel good about supporting the local economy with this Arizona gem. Our jewelry is set in sterling silver, gold, or platinum, and never plated. Wear your pieces without ever having to worry about damaging their color. We also offer a one-year warranty on every piece, so that any repairs or maintenance you need are covered!

About Arizona Amethyst

Arizona Amethyst is truly special. While you can get lower quality amethyst from nearly anywhere in the world, gems of the highest quality only come from two places - Siberia and Arizona. Amethyst sources from the Four Peaks showcases a deep violet body color, and flashes bright magenta tones when placed in sunlight. The play of color within a single gem is amazing to see. Only the highest quality amethyst in the world displays this magenta, most other amethyst is a single tone of lilac. This characteristic has earned Arizona Amethyst the title of “Siberian quality.” Since the Siberian amethyst mine has stopped producing amethyst, that makes Arizona Amethyst the only mine consistently producing high quality amethyst in the world! Amethyst is the birthstone for February, making it the perfect gift for birthdays. Even if you aren’t born in February, the violet color of Arizona Amethyst makes is a gorgeous addition to any outfit. Given as a gift or purchased for yourself, sterling silver amethyst earrings are an easy way to add color to your everyday routine!

Discover The Beauty of Amethyst Earrings

For decades, Sami Fine Jewelry has been synonymous with Arizona Amethyst. We’ve been the best place to find unique, one of a kind amethyst jewelry for years, and we’ve made it even easier! Shop online and explore our favorite styles featuring this amazing gemstone. Whether you need a thoughtful gift or want a new addition to your own collection, you’re sure to find the piece that’s perfect! We have a large variety of earring styles, from studs to dangles to drops, so it will be easy to find your new favorite piece. We even offer custom designs, so you can create a piece that’s all your own!

A Versatile Jewelry Item

Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to offer the highest quality Arizona Amethyst at every price point. From a classic solitaire stud that you can wear everyday, to more elaborate styles for a night out, we have it all. We give every item a designer touch and hand-match each amethyst pair, so you know it will sparkle and shine for years to come. Our uncompromising standards and values are apparent in every pair of earrings, so you will be proud to give them as gifts, or recieve a pair yourself! Explore our selection online to find your new favorite amethyst earrings in sterling silver.