Amethyst Facts & Lore

One of the most adored stones, amethyst, has long been considered a favorite by everyone. It’s the cousin of other quartz gemstones like citrine (yellow quartz), rose quartz, and smokey quartz. This beautiful purple stone is found in mines everywhere, even here in Arizona, and has a variety of colors such as purple, violet, or red-purple. Traditions, superstitions, and even a large amount of godly lore surround it. Amethyst was the stone of royalty and higher beings throughout history. Catherine the Great of the British Empire favored these pieces, Egyptian pharaohs sported them, those born in February are ruled by it as their designated stone, and Greek people would associate this stunning gem with some of their gods. Wearing this elegant piece is a high honor in any society and is a lovely addition to your personal jewelry box. 

Love is a theme highly connected to every stone, but there is a specific connection in amethyst. It is a gift given specifically on the 6th year of a wedding anniversary. Every year of marriage has a designated stone that is just as beautiful as the last. External love is just the mirror to internal love. Whether that love is in faith or in self. Because of its wine-like color, Greek legends associate Amethyst with the god of wine because of its wine-like color.  According to this myth, amethyst was created by Dionysus, the god of fruitfulness and wine.  Angered by the purity of a young woman named Amethyst, who preferred to pay homage to the goddess Diana, he ordered two tigers to devour her.  Diana came to her rescue transforming Amethyst into a white quartz.  Overcome with remorse, Dionysus shed tears into his goblet of red wine.   Some of the wine spilled, running on the white stone, which absorbed its color, creating the stone amethyst.

Great thinkers like Leonardo da Vinci believed that Amethyst could dissipate evil thoughts and quicken intelligence. All of these aspects, traits, and possibilities of jewelry pieces are only a few of the reasons that we consider this our mascot stone. 

Hardness: 7/10

Specific Gravity: 2.7

Birthstone: February

Emblem for the 12 Apostles