Amethyst Education

If there is any store in the world that adores the amethyst gemstone with all its heart, it’s us! Beautiful and rare, Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to be the largest finished fine gold and silver Amethyst jewelry merchandiser in the United States!

Did you know that American-mined gemstones make up less than 1% of the world's gem market? Due to a lack of resources or depletion of mining areas, our country tends to not be able to find or successfully get these fine gems. In our state, Arizona, not only is grade-A amethyst rare but the color is considered world-class! Dark purple with a bright magenta flash, this royal purple color highly competes with some of the finest Brazilian Amethyst ever known to man.   Sami’s get the first pick of all of the Arizona Amethyst that comes off the Four Peaks Mountains. With over 20 years of collecting this American gemstone, Sami Fine Jewelry can easily say that we not only offer the largest selection of Arizona Amethyst, but the most rare sizes and colors.

The Four Peaks mine, located about 46 miles outside of Phoenix, is one of the last remaining truly "old school" mines. The mine is the only commercially run Amethyst mine in the United States. Because the mine is located in a remote and hard-to-access area, the amount of amethyst that comes out of the mine is minimal compared to other areas in the world. To preserve the local wilderness and wildlife, no motor vehicles are allowed onsite. Painstaking care is taken for the land, which is why amethyst rough and supplies for the miners are transported exclusively by helicopter. The miners, too, live on the wild side. They hike up the side of the Matatzal (nicknamed "Four Peaks") mountains and camp for one to two weeks at a time with no electricity or running water! Truly, no other gemstone is as beloved as The Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst. From the use of hand tools to extract the stone, to the hand-sorting and cleaning by a local company in Scottsdale, the admiration for this gem and the earth that produces it is clear.

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