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"Theresa" 14k Yellow Gold Amethyst Pendant
  • $425.00
Box Chain in 14k Yellow Gold
  • $365.00
Classically Brilliant Amethyst Pendant
  • $999.00
Halo and Amethyst Emerald-Cut Pendant
  • From $1,125.00
Sami's Statement Arizona Amethyst Pendant
  • $6,950.00
Rope Twist Arizona Amethyst Pendant
  • $1,245.00
Amethyst Knife Edged Pendant
  • From $1,100.00
Arizona Explorer Heart of White Gold
  • From $595.00
Arizona Explorer Heart of Gold
  • From $595.00
Geometric Arizona Amethyst Necklace
  • $2,995.00

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Arizona Amethyst Pendulum Pendant
  • $7,395.00
"Harlow" 14k White Gold AZ Amethyst Pendant
  • $2,650.00
"Harlow" 14k Yellow Gold AZ Amethyst Pendant
  • $2,650.00
"Darlene" 14k White Gold Arizona Amethyst Pendant
  • $2,795.00
"Nadia" 14k Yellow Gold AZ Amethyst Pendant
  • $2,295.00
"Nadia" 14k White Gold AZ Amethyst Pendant
  • $2,295.00
"Ione" 14k White Gold AZ Amethyst Pendant
  • $1,875.00
Horseshoe Arizona Amethyst Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold
  • $1,300.00

Few items of fine jewelry compare with the stunning sparkle of rich, purple, amethyst necklaces. As a gemstone, the amethyst has intrigued and inspired interest for generations. Like many other gems, when cut and faceted, this stone reflects light in a powerful way. It often serves as a component in royal regalia. Customers seeking a wonderful selection of exquisite amethyst necklaces online need only to browse our finest selection.

A Trusted Online Source For Amethyst Jewelry

High quality jewelry offers some important characteristics. First, these products typically utilize very strong settings and components made from platinum, gold, or silver. Second, gemologists carefully cut and facet the gemstones on an individualized basis. A master craftsman ensures every stone possesses a shape capable of reflecting light effectively. Third, many fine jewelry stores focus upon specific types of products. They may specialize in diamond engagement rings, in elegant silver cameo brooches, or in other popular gemstone selections, like amethyst.

About Arizona Amethyst

As a gemstone, the amethyst holds a special place in the hearts of jewelry collectors around the world. These gems vary in color, from light purple to deep hues of violet. In Western Astrology, many people associate the Amethyst with the sign of Aquarius and the month of February. The ancient Greeks reportedly considered this stone protective against intemperance. This vibrant gem also holds a prominent place in the traditions and lore of many Native American tribes. A variation of Quartz, it ranks as a 7.0 on the Moh's scale of hardness.

Discover The Beauty of Amethyst Necklaces

Astute shoppers seeking excellent values in fine amethyst jewelry shop online at Arizona Amethyst. We have an excellent selection of necklaces in a variety of appealing styles. The charm of a lovely amethyst necklace delights recipients. People wear this stunning purple gemstone in both cut and uncut i.e. natural, styles; some jewelers cut and polish amethyst in oval or round shapes, while others leave the stone untouched.

A Versatile Jewelry Item

Amethysts appeal to customers seeking fine jewelry within a broad spectrum of price ranges. Customers also discover an array of lovely necklace designs. This variation helps make the amethyst a sought after fashion accessory. Arizona Amethyst offers solid value for shoppers seeking amethyst jewelry for personal use or as gifts for others. Browse our selection online to explore some exciting designs of amethyst necklaces.